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AthleHub Features

Manage club

AthleHub is a user-friendly tool for organizing club sporting events. It allows members to view upcoming events, view/edit schedules, Manage club members, and view health metrics from your members

Schedule automation

Choose where, when and which day your club meets up and let AthleHub handle creating events for you on those selected days.

Attend an event

A user-friendly tool for organizing club sporting events. It allows members to attend an event, view the location and even view in witch team they will be playing.

payments integration

We can make it easier for you to get paid for your event. Just link your bank account to our payment platform, and we will take care of collecting payments for you.

About Our Company

Our group is composed of passionate individuals who are keen on playing sports and engaging in casual games. As we constantly faced logistical challenges when organizing games, we decided to pool our ideas together and develop a sophisticated app that could simplify the process. We were passionate about creating a platform that would enable us to coordinate games more efficiently with ease without distractions from messaging apps or other sources of noise. With the app, not only do we get to focus on the games we love, but we also get to enjoy the added benefits of a well-designed and user-friendly toolkit that streamlines all aspects of the game from start to finish. It has been a game-changer, and we hope to share this experience with other like-minded enthusiasts out there.

Client Testimonials

Joining AthleHub was a game-changer for me. I've found a community of players who love the game as much as I do. The app makes it super easy to find pick-up games in my area, and I've made so many new friends!
Jamie L
AthleHub has been instrumental in helping me keep active. The interface is user-friendly, and I love how it encourages local sportsmanship. It's like having a sports organizer in my pocket!
Raj P
As someone who moves cities often, AthleHub has been a lifesaver. It connects me to local sports scenes, and I can join games with ease. I've played volleyball in 3 different clubs thanks to AthleHub!
Maria V